Reflections/ hubris/ way to go

Hubris – Reflections – Way to go –

Hubris first – I am about to give the last talk of the series on Emotional Education at the library next week. The title of this one is “Individual, Society, Leadership, Flourishing – or not?”. Even thinking I can do this, let alone setting myself up to do it, is “hubris” if I understand that word properly. Who on earth do I think I am having a go at this topic in an hour or so? Still, the whole series has been like that, how would anyone learn anything if they didn’t hear that there was some knowledge/explorations/ viewpoints about it all out there somewhere and all I am doing is starting a conversation as best I can and hoping some others might be interested enough to join me. And indeed more, equally or differently aware etc etc.

As Emotional Education is about experiencing one’s own awareness and then reflecting on it, that’s where the ‘reflections‘ comes in. Because I have been banging on and on about it, call it counter-transference in ordinary life, or using self as a barometer for what is going on in the system I am in, I am just interested in all I can learn about emotion and mind and thus the effect of this learning on everything else that I or we do. It brings life alive.

Way to go – well there is a pretty long way still to go in understanding dialogue, diplomacy and decision making if the state of the local politics or big wide world is any indicator – but for the moment I prefer the other joyful reading of “WAY TO GO”. Yay Yay…I have been having a lot of fun and sheer pleasure putting the various power-points together, searching for you-tubes and pictures to provide illustration, and then taking myself off outside to enjoy the walks and the weather. What a wonderful time to be living in – with the world on my lap and the ocean at my door. I will have to collect the illustrations for future posts – maybe sometime. In the meantime, local pictures, click for bigger ones.

Enjoyment and enjoying”emotional education” is not about ignoring that there is a lot of trouble about – here and further away. The experience is more about being able to do some little thing, take a step or two in a good direction, and that deals with despairing or getting rid of difficulties. I wonder what my hero Michael Faraday would have to say. I can get lots of his writing now from Gutenberg – another marvel.

“It is an extraordinary thing, that man, with a mind so wonderful… should leave it to run wild in respect of its highest elements and qualities…”

Thanks in part to his discoveries, including that wonderful understanding of the electromagnetic wave, minds can be explored with magnetic resonance scanning. But Faraday was on to something else, not instead of science, nor away from science. He was saying we can do something with our mind’s own experience – emotional education – he called it “Mental Education” which must have been an OK expression in 1852. He knew about reflecting, feeling uncomfortable, not falsely raising his own self-esteem, would enable his mind to endure the trouble, whatever it would be, and turn more towards facing than avoiding the truth lying there in plain sight.

Enough, enough – I like blogging and can see I get carried away sometimes.

Next week Block Island Poetry Project happens, for its  11th year. More to look forward to, which way will it go this year?


4 thoughts on “Reflections/ hubris/ way to go

  1. Hubris, is a bit of a double edge sword. But courageous is the person whom carries on their own personal cause -whatever that maybe or even if no one appears to care. Why write, when no reads. Why talk, when no one listens, why love when nothing loves you back….emotions, that’s where its at. I was reading the other day a list of emotions put together by some department in some university, in some country somewhere. It was lengthy list, quiet interesting, then I read on the screen of the German photographer and the Canadian reporter shot in Afghanistan. It is hard hard hard to make sense of -glad to know there are people who try. Thanks for the post.


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