Learning for the Future

I have not tried any of this yet, FUTURE LEARN FREE COURSES but my hope rose astronomically when I found it, thanks to a link from Speccy.


The beginning of their “about” page says At FutureLearn, we want to inspire learning for life.

a "Future Learn" diagram
a “Future Learn” diagram

We offer a diverse selection of free, high quality online courses from some of the world’s leading universities and other outstanding cultural institutions.


The future learning link tells me it is a private company of the Open University UK, partners include over 20 of the best UK and international universities, as well as institutions with a huge archive of cultural and educational material, including the British Council, the British Library, and the British Museum) …


Just before clicking, I had been looking … again… at economics, trying to understand and think about micro, macro, banks, Friedman and all that stuff, feeling swamped by greed … (another post or rant forming?)…

and then I find … again … there are people out there, everywhere, sharing and caring. People who are alive, knowledgeable, and generous. Whatever the economics of this enterprise (I have not yet discovered that) the sense of it makes sense. Lets learn and grow. It is out there, on offer, learning, teaching, together, for each and other.



I am off to learn something. [Another idea for a U3A group coming up?? Learning  Together??]




2 thoughts on “Learning for the Future

  1. I’ve signed up for the writing fiction course (as has Tinman!) and the wee one on drug development. When I have time, I’m sure I will do the course I referred to, and I’d love to do one on health sociology (as yet unfound). To be able to indulge a variety of curiosities without leaving the house is wonderful!


    1. I have just spent the morning on the one about drug development. Found myself commenting, as always, I try not to be cynical about pharmacy and medicine, and I do value much of it, just want them to say when they don’t know enough. The idea of this Future Learning kind of learning feels like a miracle, a return to access to interesting things, useful things, all sorts of things with a bit of guidance. I looked at the writing – but I don’t see myself involved in fiction. Good luck to you and Tinman.


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