Spring must be here

Spring must be here. I want to get out and about, do not want to sit in writing blogs. These photos have been taken when out and about on the island in the last few weeks – different places, different kinds of days, different tides, different moods.

In a few days I will be returning to Scotland, just a short visit. I know when I am back on island in June I will be drowning in summer, the mad exciting full hot crowded glorious … inset own word here… time. For now, these will remind me of the peace and quiet beauty as the spring blew itself in.

This post is a response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring


2 thoughts on “Spring must be here

  1. If it looks like Spring, feels like Spring and tastes like Spring -it must be Spring. And if you say so, I will buy into it, but we are a good month behind the past several years.

    Safe travels and shtufffs.


    1. thanks Hudson! It has felt like quite a long winter here – the daffodils and other shtuff are considered late in arriving. You too, I think, however much further north.


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