Leaving… again…

Those who follow my meanderings, know that I not only meander in writing, but travel the world in “love-miles”. I live in either of Edinburgh, Scotland or Block Island, USA and also manage fairly regular visits to New Zealand and China. In this peripatetic coming and going there is quite a lot of leaving those I love. A few years ago I wrote about it [poems on leaving and loss]. Tonight, again, my suitcase is packed. I realise I feel quite differently from just a few years ago.

On this visit to Edinburgh, I have caught up with friends, with a great deal of unexpected pleasure.  One of the best experiences was the evening Neill showed me the “Scottish Mystery Book Sculptures” in the National Library of Scotland. There are others elsewhere in Scotland, a mystery because the sculptor remains anonymous and has gifted these intricate evocative creations to book – lovers. It is utterly wonderful, and of course it is not just because they are worth seeing, it is because this art is a gift.

So, for this and other reasons, I find I feel very different about leaving. I am glad I am here now, I will be glad tomorrow. A second verse for the “nothing is as it seems” poem of 2009.

Leaving in May 2014

Nothing is as it seems
Love, loving
Inspired by your dreams
Hope and despair link
Crossing, weaving,
weaned from loss.
I choose.
An ever present theme.



4 thoughts on “Leaving… again…

    1. Yes indeed – and it has taken me my whole life to see how freedom, accountability and responsibility and all that sort of thing are all wrapped up in choosing to choose. I appreciate how you connect with my meanderings.


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