Beach days begin

My three granddaughters and friends at Scotch Beach yesterday. The sun is shining again today, the last day of school. I went swimming too – feel ancient when I see how the girls have grown-up  – where did the time go? Feel great when I am in the water… later … a lot of sleep!!

IMG_4937 IMG_4940 IMG_4939


One thought on “Beach days begin

  1. Children. Seems it is a ever changing process of attaining, holding onto, then throwing, then accepting new growing versions of the previous image.

    Beach pics always make me reminiscence of my own beach days as a child. Though my beach, sand dunes and water was that of Lake Erie -at that age it was not Erie but rather the Atlantic. Probably why to this day I consider myself an ocean person rather than a high and dry land person -despite the fact I live 2400 kms from Atlantic Canada.

    thanks for sharing


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