Ocean View Foundation’s annual Great Salt Pond Stroll

Last Sunday and Monday – the Ocean View Foundation’s annual Great Salt Pond Stroll. We decided to go – this is a walk all the way round the Block Island Great Salt Pond over two days, each starting at 11 a.m. and finishing 3-4-5 hours later depending on how much strolling there is and how much stopping to see/learn/enjoy nature, take photos, ask questions and generally appreciate the very different perspectives from the sides of the pond. Advice given: wear protective footwear that can get wet (sharp shells and rocks and parts of the walk are slippery). Bring water and sunscreen and snacks/lunch etc. But be prepared to take your time – it is a STROLL after all.

Although it was also a bit of a scramble in places and sometimes we waded, enormous thanks go the Ocean View Foundation, and to Kim for her knowledge and sharing and planning, especially for the very low tide times that made so much available. Thanks also to Megan for the group photos and the glorious photo of the night heron who just happened to be there to enchant us. Each day required a bit of water crossing, so thanks also to Aaron Beguelin, day 1 ferryman and John Swienton, day 2, and again, to Kim for the planning that went in to two terrific days strolling and learning and making friends. Thanks also to the many non-profits who co-operate to make the Great Salt Pond the really great place it is. (Committee for the Great Salt Pond, and BI Maritime Institute especially)


2 thoughts on “Ocean View Foundation’s annual Great Salt Pond Stroll

    1. It is a place where many kids are regularly educated – a whole range of tanks to look at crabs and starfish and other marine life – just beside a busy boat dock. Hence they have to be accompanied by a responsible adult, and the various ways of making sure that happens!


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