A World of Difference

Early September passed by in a blur and suddenly I am halfway across the world, in Guangzhou, China. I have to remember to phone at  different times, I am now hours  ahead of all of them, not behind them. I left Block Island, as always, beautiful.

The evening before I left
The evening before I left

As I traveled, Scotland decided to remain part of UK. When I renew my passport, get yet another visa, etc. it will just be the ordinary sort of forms to fill, not some nightmare continue on the back of the page, I think I am British though I am Irish and I live in Scotland, even registered voter there, and oh yes I do not actually live in Scotland much as most of the time I am in USA or New Zealand or China. And, I go there to see and stay in touch with family, I have not yet started on the bucket list …..where would I like to visit, what wonderful places would I like to see..

What I really want, for all, is a world citizenship, that acknowledges we are all interdependent. Still, the scottish debate raised a lot of questions of considerable substance, better politics than that to which we have sadly become more accustomed.

Now, I am in Guangzhou. The flight, the delay, the 4 hours in a hotel in Beijing, the return to airport, arrival in Guangzhou, over 90F, hot sticky, forget it! I got here. Note to self: remember to remember – chinese culture does not allow young people tasked to manage something, to actually say they have no clue what is going on either – they always nod and smile as if they have understood the query – airport people, the bus driver to hotel, the 3 receptionists – all masters of misinformation pretence – thank you thank you to two chinese women fellow travellers who were just as bewildered and tired but helpfully translated my queries and joined me in laughing helplessly to maintain sanity.

Grandsons have grown. They are very different. Concentration and co-operation, showing me their toys. Today, Sunday, the chinese cousins come to visit – Dou dou and Erdou (Or Jason and Happy in english names) are now 6 and 4 years old. Donal helps them with English and Aunty Yun helps Louis and Ali to read and write Mandarin. [I will rest.] My daughter-in-law, Xin Yan (Cindy) has returned to New Zealand.



One thought on “A World of Difference

  1. Fancy the bird, you
    An independent spirit inflight
    Her global brood, she views upon
    Fancy the bird, free

    World citizenship, I’d fancy that bird whole wholeheartedly. Stay cool in Guangzhou, Elspeth.


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