Experience the Wind

I remember once I was at a poetry project class where we were asked if we could convey the experience of the wind blowing. I could not. Once again, I ask the question. I returned to Block Island last Sunday on a blessedly calm and warm day (I do NOT like the boat when it is not calm!). Got settled, went on a bird walk on Tuesday morning, we could see the “weather coming in”. It came in. On Wednesday went walking talking driving with Faye, tried to capture the elements on the camera. On Thursday succumbed to elemental sneezing and coughing and became not nice to know. Today, Sunday, I am re-surfacing and there is a mild wind blowing. the beach will still be a sand-blasting experience so I am intending to walk inland. When I contrast the previous week’s experience in Guangzhou where the breeze funneling through the tower blocks was a joy to dry off the sweatiness, I suppose it is not too surprising that I got a bad cold.

I still love the wind, and being out in it. Do the photos tell you anything about a windy week on Block Island?

Ocean View Foundation


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