Forgetting – remembering – updating?

Life goes on… and on

We know that. If it does not, we also know the alternative (as my Dad used to say)

I have been wondering about forgetting, and how essential it may be to let life go on.

Also, how horrible it is when I realise I have forgotten something that maybe should be remembered. [Not talking about how I went to the kitchen/table/bookshelf and couldn’t remember what it was I came here for.]

Food Distribution in Karak

Nov 1st – email from the FROK Newsletter editor – could I think about an update on KK work for Civil Rights for Women in North West Pakistan?

They are also going to put the latest on IDPs [internally displaced persons] in the same newsletter. At least 457,000 people have been newly displaced in North Waziristan following air strikes carried out by the Pakistan Air Force, in the context of the conflict between the central authorities and armed groups [info here]. This is the area where KK (Khwendo Kor or Sister’s Home) has worked for 20 years to enable the rights of women.

Yes I could, but for most of the time since the last one, these people, about 75% women and children, had not been anywhere in my mind.

Nov 1st – in the Telegraph Newspaper – The leader of Nigerian terrorist group Boko nigeriagirlsHaram has issued a new video in which he denied claims of a deal to free the 200 girls kidnapped in April from a school in the northern town of Chibok.

What on earth happened to all that? It was such a big news item way last April or May?

So I start remembering – think I could start a list – include various famines, wars in Gaza, Ukraine, what happened to Syria recently? History – holocaust, further back, … Of course we should NOT forget. But also, for a lot of the time, maybe we should??

A kind of forgetting . Essential. As without it life does not go on.

For now, I have done a bit of research into what is happening at KK. They continue to work. They need our support (here).

This is election week here in USA. It reminded me I had written to my Member of Parliament and asked for a reply, but I forgot if I had received one. Sorry, Ian Murray, it was a personal reply (good) but forgettable (bad). You said: Many thanks for your email which I think raises some important issues. Ed Miliband spoke at conference about how “The deck is stacked” and how “The game is rigged for those who have all the power”, setting out an ambition to tackle this economic inequality. We want to rebalance our economic system so it works for everyone rather than just a privileged few. I intend to use my blog and social media to discuss Labour’s policies in the lead up to the General Election, so please do keep an eye on these things. Thanks again for getting in touch, I am always buoyed to be contacted by constituents who are as engaged with politics as you.

Quite, but I would have liked a bit more particular comment as it seems to me his blog is pretty much ‘follow the party line’ and ‘things I have recently done’.

The moral of this story is I can be engaged and forgetful at the same time. And very critical of others as well as appreciative. No point in feeling guilty when I remember.

Just do the whatever it is that has a bit of compassion and also gets on with living.

Faye trying the water on a beautiful BI beach walk
Faye trying the water on a beautiful BI beach walk

Happy picture from a recent Block Island event, an everyday walk, every day the walk is different.


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