Peshawar is crying today

A girl like these, Malala, has just been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

I opened the news online: The Pakistan Taliban launch their deadliest attack ever, leaving 132 children and nine adults dead at a school in Peshawar.

Go here to Khwendo Kor [Pakistan organization means Sisters’ Home]

Give if you can [English supporters here]

Offset this tragic destruction with some of the wonderful steady determination that good people can bring, day by day, and over and over again. Human Rights and Education

Peshawar people will be crying today. They also have hope and wonderful work that happens alongside destruction. I wish sending thought did more, but maybe it does do something.



2 thoughts on “Peshawar is crying today

  1. And they call it ‘news’. Often a torrent of endless destruction. Yet, whatever goodness there is, trickles under stones lost in a wilderness of what is deemed ‘news’. There is goodness out there, people doing ‘good will’, individuals who actually care, but the ‘world’ in general not so much. Thanks for the links, I’ll pass them on.


    1. Good to hear from you, and thanks for passing on the links. I am always hopeful in the midst of the endless torrent. I do find good out there and then I head off to watch TV or read the latest in murder/cop etc – all a bit of everything. The people I know of in Peshawar tell me they are heartened by every supportive comment and good wish they receive.


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