Future Tense: Greece

Wrote this nearly two years ago. Now I am saying Hurray for Greece and hope their new courageous government is not trapped by the failed thinking of world economic theory. In the meantime, Greek shares tumble – well they would wouldn’t they as those who do the tumbling and running are the same as those who think money is intended to make more money. When will economic theory and therefore practice be based on productive work and service to others and money relegated to its rightful place as a useful tool, a means to live, not an end in itself?

My World, Your World, One World

Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

Not a photo taken by me, snagged from UK guardian newspaper, but odd that the photo challenge this week is about future.

Is it tense? This is from Cyprus, does it suggest a future? Tense for us all?

First Cyprus, next ... First Cyprus, next …

Why is the whole world not screaming out loud?

The citizens of Cyprus have not suddenly become careless debt-ridden idiots who do not look after their work or their money. Within the space of five years, which is not a lifetime, their state is ‘apparently’ in debt. Once upon a time it was individuals who were targeted as ‘deficit‘. Now it is ‘states’ – Greece, Ireland, Spain, ‘given’ bailouts – as third world countries have been ‘given’ aid (for ‘given’ read crippling debt). New plan, make the citizens do their own giving, who on earth are they giving it to?

Which country…

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