Writing 201: Poetry, limerick, Steinbeck knew

Island Free Library, back entrance
Island Free Library, back entrance

Thanks to my wonderful friend Gloria we have all been busy and excited and enjoying such a lot of ideas getting ready for the Steinbeck Grapes of Wrath celebration at the Island free Library.


Oh yes – and it is snowing again. So my concentration on the Writing 201 Poetry course is abysmal, ditto the other courses I have been trying. What was I thinking?

Today, Poetry 201 prompts with Journey, Limerick, and Alliteration.

Steinbeck knew

I was teenage when I read the Grapes of Wrath
I blew and bumbled stumbled on a path
A life of fun and laughter
Worked for peace not slaughter
Re-read. Now know he knew me, led me, fed me. Time to laugh.

2 thoughts on “Writing 201: Poetry, limerick, Steinbeck knew

    1. I have just been exploring your site – now I have so much to do. Our Steinbeck 2 day sessions were fantastic – head buzzing. More to follow up. Thank you for the follow and the comment, talk again soon.

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