Humankind’s Escape from the Debt-Money System

ozI just watched a two hour documentary The Secret of OZ, made in 2010, winner of various awards – listed at the beginning.

The Secret is Mankind’s Escape from the Debt-Money System 

This appears to be mostly about USA, from its historical standpoint, but references are also to the history of Rome and UK, and elsewhere. It is applicable to the world. It shows us Iceland’s debt after 2008, how it happened. it ends with a plea to governments world-wide. Any government, indeed in USA any state (Dakota is there already) and in other countries maybe any community, can END THE DEBT MONEY SYSTEM.

Why is this message not more widely spread? Start spreading. IF YOU WATCH you do not have to agree, but surely the questions raised do need to be asked. [NB Good for Greece – I think they are asking these questions right now, and may unfortunately be defeated by the same system as the video shows defeated the likes of Jefferson and Lincoln, but lets hope not, for all our sakes.]

I found the link to the youtube through UK’s Positive Money, another group asking questions about the current monetary system. I don’t necessarily agree with all they say, but they have much shorter videos to watch that might be an advantage. However, that may be, I have understood more about economy in the last two hours from “the Secret of OZ” than from lots of previous forays into trying to make head or tail of What the blankety blank is wrong with the world, the IMF, the debts etc.?

What do you think?

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