Winter Wonderland Morning

What with joining Writing 201, Poetry 

following Positive Money blog and the financial fortunes of Greece (they might help the rest of us)

looking after the dog, and the house, as the boiler managed to go out and the temperature was dropping fast inside so I had visions of the family returning to burst pipes.

However – all is well. this morning I woke to find it had snowed again in the night, I went on the Bird Walk anyway – Kim has returned from Iceland

A Winter Wonderland Morning.

We saw some birds too – different kinds of ducks, sparrows, crows and guess what gulls.

4 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland Morning

    1. I got a response from one of my relatives “get a life, come to Hermanus”. I think that is nearer to your part of the world than here. Still I have a life – I expect it is loverly where you are too.



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