Wellness – feeling good

IMG_6194 IMG_6192As evening falls, later each day, the birds have taken to settling on the roofs. The clock here in USA went forward today. It feels like spring… or nearly like spring. There is still snow out there. The biggest icicle I have ever seen was there yesterday, hanging from my neighbour’s roof, now it has fallen.

The weather forecast is OK for the next few days

This is totally essential (to me) because I am heading off-island on Tuesday, going to Boston, and then back to Scotland. [Will see Edinburgh son and have a quick trip to Ireland to see sisters before returning in April in time for The Poetry Project 12th Weekend.]

For everyone here on the island it has been a winter of cancellations and no boats and ‘going off early’ , ‘just in case’.

So I have had a lot of time for WordPress. I liked their Writing 201: Poetry so well that I have started writing again. Thank you Ben Huberman from WordPress and all the writers who connected, gave feedback, joined in.

I also created websites for two groups – for Block Island Mental Health, whose meetings have cancelled so often that they have not yet approved their site, and for the Block Island Wellness Coalition, who like theirs a lot. [Back when I was young in UK, Wellness was called ‘youth work’, and then it was ‘outreach’ and then something like it was ‘community education’. I don’t know about here in USA, except that Wellness used to be the rather daunting Prevention Task Force, preventing the abuse of alcohol and drugs. We still aim to do that, but the idea is that it is best done by both prevention education and also widening horizons for the younger people in particular and promoting wellness in the community in general, to me it feels like Community Education and Youth Work combined.

Does it work? Well.. how would you know? If something is prevented, if someone is well, the bad thing has not happened. It is a bit like “Where is the Good News?” Whatever, there is definitely something about it that feels like being well.

Dining hall, ready for dancing, and pizza and fruit and cookie eating, with fruit punch to drink.

On Friday I was one of the grown-ups at the Wellness Dance that had been supposed to be held on Valentine’s Night. But guess what, it was postponed at that time due to white-out conditions. The dance is for grades 6 – 10 and the object – apart from enjoyment – is to raise funds for the Grade 8 trip to New York City at the end of March. This year, Grade 8 is the biggest class in the school, 14 island children who have known each other for most of their lives, including my eldest grand-daughter, so I have also known them all for most of their lives. Grade 8 decorated the school dining hall, they had their glad rags in their backpacks and then they went off to change. 30 kids came, a lot of dancing, a lot of fun. Something is indeed well.


5 thoughts on “Wellness – feeling good

  1. Dear Eppy

    It certainly looks like you have had a tough winter! Amazing photos!

    If we don’t speak before – have a good flight and looking forward to your arrival here. I am also looking forward to a few days in Edinburgh.

    Love to all. Love Irene


  2. There is so much negative news about that many peopl eforget how much is also going right. Defeat the bad by working for the good – I think you think that way too.


  3. Oh, Elspeth,
    I have spent most of today reading your blogs, poetry, etc., etc.!!
    I always knew you were academically brilliant but now you show such creativity that it gobsmacks me.
    Your ” two lives”, geographically and culturally, leave me breathless.
    How you combine them and still remain your own person is an achievement in itself and an inspiration to us all.
    Well done you………………………….
    Best love from a” broken down old broad”.
    Angela. xxx


    1. You really do understand my feelings – thanks – I know it is my own choice to keep options open, but sometimes it seems I am missing someone, somewhere, everywhere! When I get over that, it works. Lovely to hear from you.


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