Appalled by polls

Appalled by the polls (UK election on May 7th, that is now looming) Great article sent by Avaaz on the quite dreadful press coverage damage mis information machine. From it went to another called Learning from Scotland. Wonderful phrases like “But in the course of the summer of 2014 it become clear that, in addition … More Appalled by polls

Poetry Project

I am at the Block Island Poetry Project. Opening circle last night. Song circle this morning. Poetry poetry poetry and friendships renewed and new. Magic. Thanks Lisa Starr for starting this off twelve years ago. Thanks Joe Heitaus and Carolyn Dragon for workshops today. Joe was inspirational, hence a “Grey Day Framed in Gold” got … More Poetry Project

Leaving arriving

My time in Edinburgh was hijacked by a bout of flu from which I am just beginning to feel more like me again. On Sunday I walked below Salisbury Crags with Irene who visited for a few days. I wish I had been brighter company. Now on the way back to Block Island. I did … More Leaving arriving