Trustworthiness … and more

I got some words in a list trustworthiness competence aggressiveness attractiveness likeability Good words uh? Apparently when we first meet someone, these are qualities … we seek…? You would hope so, but no, they are qualities we make snap judgments on in 30 milliseconds. Because most of the time we are coasting in default mode, … More Trustworthiness … and more

Small Pleasures

A week ago when at a friend’s house she was ‘tidying’ the flowering cherry trees in her yard. I took some of the branches. Now every time I look up … Small pleasures every day. Unexpected.

In need of cheer

Some cheer – whatever happens in this world – every spring the daffodils bloom somewhere Thank you Lapham family who planted these fields on Block Island. Apparently deer do not like daffodils so all the other spring bulbs have to be surrounded by fences, if gardeners bother at all. Daffodils are glorious.

Follow the Money

Is the world’s inequality a crime? Is the way we treat the world a crime? Is [personal rant here] a crime? Follow the money!!! uh oh … but what is money exactly … we know it’s not what we value … we know it’s not really how we measure worth… it’s not the bits of … More Follow the Money