Spring Street Gallery: student art display

Block Island high school students displayed their art work at the Spring Street Gallery. Of course I was interested in Grade 8 [that is 14 years old for UK readers] as Grand-daughter no.1 and her friends belong to that group. Of the rest – all impressively talented – I admired the “Eye”.

Elaina Smith
Elaina Smith

And I learnt that I can set my iphone camera to “invert colors” – a note from Elaina on her ‘eye portrait’ showed us how for any smart phone: go to settings, general, accessibility, invert colors. Then go to your camera and use it to look at the photo [but it does not take an inverted picture] Try it out on the screen.

Some of the ‘animals’ from Grade 8:

The photos don’t do justice to pencil shaded work that took each of them several hours to complete. sorry about the white spots – they are reflections.

All art tells a story, or evokes layers of memory and feeling. For those who might recognize the “Scary Face” portrait, one bit of the backstory is that the artist has a pretty good relationship with the soccer coach [they have also shared interest in fishing and other things]. This particular soccer coach is the only coach known to us to have ever received a yellow card, as in an enthusiastic moment he used language more suited common to North London than Rhode Island. The artist may or may not have been the recipient of that language at the time in question, but the relationship they have was alive and well as they were both observed laughing in front of the portrait. Who cares about scary when you can laugh together?

I love this place. Lisa Robb is the art teacher. She said, she just has to offer the suggestion, the frame, a few resources, and then sit back and enjoy the rest of her day with her students. Whatever she does it seems to be working.


2 thoughts on “Spring Street Gallery: student art display

  1. Thank you Elspeth,

    Great work from young students.

    The “scary face” looks like somebody who has stuffed far too many sweeties into their cheeks!!

    Perception is everything.

    Hope all is well in your island home.

    Best love,




    1. I liked Fiona’s wonderful lion. It is great to see so many getting their talents out there and enjoyed. No matter how bad some of the world seems we had nothing so good happening for most of us in our days. The young people are indeed wonderful. love to you too. E


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