UK Election: Good people, Gone

UK Election:

One advantage of living in USA and being 5 hours behind – I was able to stay up for the NIGHT AFTER THE ELECTION CLOSED.

AAAAGGHHH- David Cameron and the Conservatives achieved a majority in spite of the SNP taking Scotland

What a devastating night, so many good people gone, people who have tried to serve their people.

In Scotland – the SNP won hands down, winning 56 out of 59 seats (Labour lost 40 seats, Lib Dems lost 10). In the rest of the UK, the Conservatives gained, their erstwhile Liberal Democrat partners in the previous coalition suffering massive loss.

My Take on the shock results:

People throughout the UK, Scotland and the Rest, voted for The Definite
In Scotland especially they went for the Real and the Sincere – the SNP did come across this way especially Nicola Sturgeon. Labour did not. Jim Murphy came across as trying to calculate the best way to create the majority so that Labour could then have power and he was not going to work WITH anyone. In Rest of UK – what came across – either Somebody Definite or Somebody PR or pollster person wants power back again – how will we do it?

We are all fed up with ‘spin’, with calculated PR, so that when we hear that first, we switch off the rest of the message and maybe do not know whether or not we agree with it.
It is utterly devastating that by Going for Definite we will now have more vilification of the poor, vulnerable, disabled, more austerity, more food banks, more benefits sanctions. More selling off of the National Health Service. The pandering to the wealthy and the corporate – deliberately chosen by the electorate.

Definite, having a view, trumps PR spin every time even when the definite is dreadful.


Because it deals with the fear of fear. Not fear itself, but the nebulous anxiety that haunts and wants action, any action will do. That is what comes across with the PR spin – not just fear, but fear of the fear that maybe the people are not good enough.

Dont be baffled, sad, feeling powerless. Remember the world (and us) are good enough.

But now we have the conservatives planning another round of austerity ideology. And feeling vindicated!!!



6 thoughts on “UK Election: Good people, Gone

  1. It’s a terrible day for this country. I have been in shock all day and my 18 year old grandson has come home in tears. He knows that it will increase the suffering and the death toll of the poor and disadvantaged.

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    1. I have been crying – silly me – about people like Simon Hughes who has done his job for 20 years and is now out – etc – nothing to do with me or anything sensible but it somehow helps me to get over it and get back to functioning. We are all US, there is no Them, but it does feel like it sometimes.

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  2. With all the legitimate moans about what has happened to NHS, and the constant arrival of people from other countries one doesn’t want as neighbours, and the fat cats getting fatter, facts are that the economy was a stretcher case when Cameron came in, but is now almost out of convalescence. That is something for serious consideration.


  3. I would prefer it to see ‘the economy’ as a stretcher case rather than many many people. ‘The economy’ is a theory that can be killed or replaced – go to Positive Money or American Monetary Institute to see alternative theories (researched) and ways forward that might allow for neither economy nor people to be made stretcher cases. I do take this seriously, I am not a moaner, I research the possible.


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