Small pleasures (and Sawyer did it!)

For some reason I am currently noticing how many small pleasures there are in my days.

A week in Block Island has provided sun – T-shirt time – out with Finlay and Sullivan, sibling dogs who whimper and quiver in doggy delight when the car containing one turns to the driveway of the other.

Finlay says the water is good
Finlay says the water is good
The dogs in the water - and spot the ferry too
The dogs are in the water – and spot the ferry too

The grand-daughters and friends were also in the water, surfing and surf-boarding on Sunday afternoon. There are blossoms everywhere, days of blue sky and fluffy cloud sky, and and one day of fog where everything was magical. Indoors, I was reminded that basil (kept on the bench for constant plucking) is also a flowering plant. i have no idea why that little white flower was such a delight, nor can I say why an egret at the edge of the pond in the grey of fog and water and sky filled me with joy. [You won’t see him in the photo]

Oh and yes – my friend Socha has had all of the island in a total tizzy for weeks now.


She is grandmother to Sawyer Fredericks.

Last night SAWYER WON …. …. …. THE VOICE !!!

What an amazing achievement. Congratulations !!!

all videos here and songs on itunes

We are so happy for their success, good wishes Sawyer and Socha and all their family – you are still you even if everything will be a BIG bit different.


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