Moonrise musings

1st July: “Watch the Moonrise” party at Mitchell farm – the morning had brought thunderstorm, and torrential rain, but by afternoon and evening the the sun shone and the grass looked new. The atmosphere was still heavy with unshed moisture, as the moon rose orange/red to rival sunset.  Overheard: “I knew it would be good but I didn’t expect breathtaking beauty like this”. Agreed. Pictures and words inadequate, but may remind me of how this world can sometimes evoke tears for its perfection.


Today is 4th July. There were fireworks last night, been there done that, though it was a nice party [thanks Heidi].

Somehow I would rather celebrate in silence the care for beauty shared by Adrian at Mitchell Farm. He made us laugh “Development Laws have been very helpful, they should be called “Undevelopment Laws”.

Feel like sharing one of my poems from a few years ago while looking for the same moon, same beach, as it rose five years ago when the clouds were low and dark and nothing at all could be seen.

Moon Tide

On the beach
Watching water meld to the grey sky
The moon hides full beyond more grey.
Nearer and nearer
The wave drops its sound
Reflects like melted steel
and is not flat.
Each inch the water spreads
Each rise and fall
Each foot of sand wetted gleaming
Whispers: Feel it pull.
Look down
And know
This moon is full.

These lookings and wonderings are why I am a scientist in love with the world and all its beings. It does not matter how much I learn, there is always more, always different, always beautiful in each perfect moment.


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