Now Greece helps us all

Regular readers know I think we are all connected. They also know that I bang on about the complete and illogical mess that is current monetary systems theory, a hegemony we are all within.

We are all connected, even if the current monetary system divides
We are all connected, even if the current monetary system divides

I am so pleased that the Greek people voted NO, but also am aware that this is not a way out of suffering. At a party last night a quite emotionally intelligent and rational man said that The Greek Government past and present really had to take on responsibility for their indebtedness. I responded with ‘what about the lender responsibility? the IMF, ECB etc – have they no responsibility to lend in a way that can realistically be repaid – if not they act just like subprime mortgage lenders in an irresponsible and unethical fashion” End of conversation.

Oh well. Was not emotionally intelligent.

Copied from A Paper Bird: We’re not all Greeks. Only a select sodality of wounded societies have undergone what the Greeks did. The figures on Greece’s suffering don’t inform, they numb. Since 2008, the country’s gross domestic product withered by more than a quarter.  Incomes dropped by a third. Pensions were cut 40%, and often not paid at all. One in four Greeks is jobless, six of ten among youth. In Athens, 18,000 are estimated to be homeless – one-tenth of the city’s unemployed, 3% of its people.
I wrote this on Facebook this morning
Hurray, it looks like sanity and common sense and … honest caring authenticity … has happened in economics/politics. The Greek people voted NO. The Finance minister, who SUPPORTED this vote, resigned (or was pushed). Read this pre-vote assessment of the myths others tried to spread, and listen to Varoufakis in interview pre-vote and decide for yourself if I am right to be happy this morning, or naive. If you do listen to Varoufakis, look for why he said after resigning “how to act collectively with no care for the privileges of office” and start saying that we too want common decency and respect instead of power grabbing public relations politics.
I know people in Greece are suffering and continue to suffer. People here in the great USA suffer too, less visibly, less quantifiably maybe. One of my earlier posts said Help Greece but this morning I am thinking that

Greece has helped us.

We just do not know it yet.

in hope.


2 thoughts on “Now Greece helps us all

  1. elspethc, I am both surprised and “warmed” by your words about the recent developments in my (little and far away) country.
    Apart from thanking you, I need to write that people of USA (a country against against which I strongly exert criticism and shall continue to do so) tend to surprise me.
    When you are good, you are very good!
    I personally thank you for your support and consideration.


    1. I should say that the title of my post is meant – we are one world. I live in USA at the moment, but also live from time to time in Scotland, was brought up in Ireland and have a chinese daughter-in law who lives in New Zealand. There is nowhere too far away for fellow feeling. I agree that in USA political decisions are appalling and should be criticised but the people (some of them) equally often are empathic and generous and also appalled. I wish I had more influence to create a one world rather than the us and them so often seen. Thanks for your comments.

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