Dead Ends

In this small island, 3×7 miles, there are approximately 25 miles of walking trails open to the public free of charge. There are also the beaches, and the dirt roads that lead to driveways that are private, others are open and some even say “Walkers Welcome”. So Socha and I have a project, each time we go out, to walk where we have not walked before.

Monday. Out on Corn Neck. Tried one trail after another.

Dead Ends.

So we went to a place where we knew it dead ended, the deck of a little old shack overlooking the sea.


2 thoughts on “Dead Ends

  1. The house is named for the overlook, and a shipwreck… The Golden Grove was a ship out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, carrying a cargo of pork which wrecked there in the 18th century.


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