The Current Monetary System is Wrong

Yesterday I really enjoyed talking with two valued friends and as always we were wandering round lots of topics. At one point I said I had been trying to understand economics, and I then accused The Federal Reserve of being more a private than a public institution, and then they were saying not so, and … More The Current Monetary System is Wrong

Super Moon Tide

I was brought up not to “emote” if that is the right word. Then I learnt that feelings are good, but still have reservations about putting them out there. Stuff that! Hurray Hurray I am loving this wonderful world. May everyone the moon shines on have a better day today.* I am so lucky to … More Super Moon Tide

Resilient general practice

Originally posted on A Better NHS:
There was no shortage of self-confessed wounded healers at yesterday’s Wounded Healer conference. Professor Jill Maben, who gave the first keynote, confessed that she had to leave her first nursing post because of stress, and I met many doctors and nurses throughout the day who had their own personal…