Contrasts: Beach Pictures, what’s best?

Beach pictures on my facebook, so different, such contrast.

Obviously I have not posted the heartrending ones, these are from here, from a turbulent tide day, family and friends are in all three, somewhere. Below are the words of someone who happens to be from Denmark. They mean as much to me, though I am glad beyond words that my family is just having fun in the sea, it needs to be so for everyone.

Quote: What does “best ” mean?

My son is turning 1 year old tomorrow. He is turning 1 year old, and I just realized that I don’t want the “best” for him.

I don’t want the “best” for him if that means that we need to close our borders and get another dad to lose his 2 sons and wife. I don’t want the “best” for my son if that means trading his “best” life against another kid life, so our traders can keep on going.

I don’t want the “best” for my son. Should he share benefits with others? Let the fucking money roll. Should he share his classrooms with kids “slowing down” the class as they are just learning a new language? Fine, go help them.

While I was looking online for presents for his birthday, a dad was trying to hold his sons’ hands in the Mediterranean, but couldn’t.

And some dare to tell us it’s protect our “way of life”, our children, that we refuse to help this people, that we push them back?

My son just lost hundreds of playing buddies in the Mediterranean this year. That’s the world he is born in. Sacrificing other kids for his way of life.

Fuck it, I don’t wish the “best” for my son if that means others can’t make it safely to Europe.

I also believe that he and I are not the only people who think this way. Let’s speak out loud, tell our representatives, everyone. No more WAR or military so-called “solutions”. “Best” is when all of us have the chance to live at peace, in the meantime, we say Welcome.

Will anyone in the US respond as so many ordinary people from UK and elsewhere are doing?


2 thoughts on “Contrasts: Beach Pictures, what’s best?

    1. I am such a mass of contradictory feelings! But not in doubt that everyone matters and everyone, especially the so often ignored women, should have a say in the decisions that are being taken, supposedly on their behalf.


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