When unsettled, what helps?

How many do you click each day?
How many do you click each day?

Online petition signing doesn’t quite deal with it.

As is obvious to readers I am often unsettled by the range of stuff I become aware of – all the gamut from transcendent joy and gratitude to rage (quite appropriate response to various news items) and despair (at others inappropriate responses ditto, in my opinion anyway).

Try this: Melissa Blacker “moment presence meditation”

Meditation?1?!?! Are you kidding?? No – so why do I think this might help all sorts of DOING / ACTING / and the so often said MAKING A DIFFERENCE

Thank you to Arietta Slade for a super talk given to us here in July. She recommended a book: The Body Keeps the Score, by Bessel van der Kolk. I am now reading this book and want everyone to know about it. Ok, it is about trauma and recovery, it has detail of psychological/psychiatric research etc. but I think it is easy to read and speaks to experience we all recognize even if we have not been abused or in a war or in a car crash or an earthquake, whatever, we have been in something, as we do indeed know.

In relating the matter of degree, and the kind of context (can we act or are we coerced into inaction) to the matter of our personal matured capacity to bear or be overwhelmed the book shows us real paths through that complexity we call “holistic” mind body experience. And, a way to look at “What will I do Now?”.

Some of this I wrote about some years ago in “Making Mistaking Reality: What is Emotional Education?” There is a kind of awareness I called “use of self” now known therapeutically and educationally as “mindfulness”. Also, intertwined with use of self, is our real need for others who are at least for a moment “safe” = NOT using us for their needs, as although they have them, they can hold on to them for a while. [Good friends take turns, they do not batten off each other, for the more serious stuff, use a professional, friends should not be misused.]

The book reminded me of the meditation process that for too long has sat unheard on my computer – Melissa Blacker’s Moment Presence meditation, not too long, not too short. Being tuned in with this, I can do more.

The book explains the why this is so via neuroscience. I like knowing that. It counters my ever present fear that I am too indulgent, even getting to be an old age new-agey person. I am not, I am practical, if my brain is in better shape, as well as in touch with the wild contrasts of experience, I will be better.

What do you think?

Whatever, be well.


What do you think?

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