Resilient general practice

For all who hear that the british institution, the NHS is “failing” read this at least down as far as “The rhetoric serves a political purpose which is to undermine public confidence in the institution of the NHS, which is necessary if it is to be dismantled and privatised.” It is about resilience in general practice, but the words could be substituted for any of our professions blamed and shamed by a pernicious ideology.

A Better NHS

There was no shortage of self-confessed wounded healers at yesterday’s Wounded Healer conference. Professor Jill Maben, who gave the first keynote, confessed that she had to leave her first nursing post because of stress, and I met many doctors and nurses throughout the day who had their own personal stories. Several, like Jill Maben were presenting or leading workshops, and others were there to find better ways for themselves and their colleagues to cope.

In her research Jill followed up nurses from training into qualified posts and discovered that their ideals were sustained, compromised or crushed by the pressures of work [1]. The compromised idealists who were unable to provide the compassionate, patient-focused care they aspired to, were the most distressed and this resonated with everyone in the audience, whether doctors, nurses, managers or patients. In their excellent review of compassionate care, Cole King and Gilbert explain that whilst empathy…

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2 thoughts on “Resilient general practice

  1. I follow this GP’s blog. I don’t know where I first found it – from you possibly, or maybe via following links on your patient empowerment posts. So we all get together somehow.


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