our health system- in whose interest?

When we want change … anyone anywhere must have met systems like this. N.B. Speccy, who wrote, this has also proved her engagement credentials and the humor that maybe keeps her going..

me, mine, and other bits

I got very irate last week about our health system. This may not seem like news to the regular reader, but it sort of is. I was annoyed by whole new things I’d not noticed before. There’s always more to discover, new ways to be dumbfounded and annoyed.

I spent Wednesday morning at a conference of the Very Important. With few exceptions, they were also the Very Whiney. The region (approx. 1.8 million people) has an unnecessarily complex system- a government Department, a Health Committee that holds the Department to account, a Health and Social Care Board that commissions services, 6 Health and Social Care Trusts that deliver services (including buying in), a Public Health Agency, several other arms length bodies, and a Patient Client Council  which exists to make sure the system remembers about the patients. We’ve had all sorts of reviews, and recommendations, but really, it’s madness and nobody…

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