Tranquility and Impromptu Party

The Block island soccer season has begun.

Friday, I rode the bike up to Heinz field to watch number 1 granddaughter and the rest of the BI Hurricanes play. They won. After the match, son invited me up for dinner.

Tranquillity – on the way this balmy island has September grasses reaching for the sky, it felt so peaceful.

Arrived – expecting quiet family time – welcomed by 2 dogs, 8 hungry kids making pizza, then parents arrive to pick up kids, they stay, 1 girl and her mom, another kid and and his parents who have just come in from the mainland for the weekend, more welcomes, more food … goodbye peace and tranquility – it is impromptu party time … again. This happens a lot on Block Island.

Saturday – walked back to the family house to fetch the bicycle, left behind as i was given a ride home after the party. Then I rode back to Heinz field as grandaughters 2 and 3 were playing in the junior soccer tournament.

Today I am not surprised to be needing a rest, so I sat on the beach and watched the sea, feeling full with gratitude.

Tonight I will go watch the supermoon lunar eclipse.


6 thoughts on “Tranquility and Impromptu Party

    1. Soccer (we can’t call it footba in USA)is becoming more popular I am told mainly because girls play. The schools are nearly all co-ed teams, though some of the mainland schools play separate boys and girls teams, and co-eds can play against boys only, but never against girls only. Block Island couldn’t even field teams if they didn’t haul in everyone – the whole school from 5- 18 years old has about 120 kids.


      1. That would certainly serve to make it popular. I do like the idea of mixed teams, although I fail to understand the logic of not competing against all-girl teams. It is a game requiring skill, and a good girl team could quite likely beat the socks off a less talented mixed one.


  1. How lovely!!!

    Looks like a perfect family and friends picture straight out of a magazine, all so happy and busy, busy, busy – tumbling through each other, laughing, cooking, talking. Wonderful.

    Lucky you and lucky grandchildren to have you there.

    Enjoy it all.

    Best love,

    Me and PP.



  2. I am convinced there is something totally healthy here – the sea and the air and a lot of beauty as well as stormy nature. The girls and their friends grow like weeds – beautiful loving teenagers. They not only cook, they clean too. Co-operative, interdependent, indeed wonderful. had to share it.


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