Super Moon Tide

I was brought up not to “emote” if that is the right word. Then I learnt that feelings are good, but still have reservations about putting them out there.

Stuff that! Hurray Hurray I am loving this wonderful world. May everyone the moon shines on have a better day today.*

I am so lucky to live here in this great place. About 25 of us gathered yesterday evening at Ocean View where we watched the super moon rise while Kim told us all about perigee and earth shadow and short wave red rays (with her own inimical modest enthusiasm for all of the natural world she helps us to enjoy). She said she was totally not responsible for the arrangements for our viewing pleasure. Neither weather nor Eastern time – eclipse about 10 pm – were down to Ocean View Management.

Here are some photos from Kim and myself. I forgot to take photos of the friends whose conversation and delight made waiting for the blood moon well worth the time. We enjoyed the cosmology and the wonder of it, we were also thinking this is the same moon that shines over the thousands of people walking walking walking through Europe. We shared our thoughts our wishes and our helplessness – just a little each of us can do.

My delight is not over. How lucky the timing here has been – high tide this morning at 8am so I cycled out intending to start at the harbor and then go to several beaches to see how high the high tide would be. But I got entranced on the breakwater, watching the water beyond – and through – the snowfence by Ballards. the sun was breaking through early morning clouds, the waves breaking below. What a glorious start to the day.

  • I hear UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said five countries – Russia, the US, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran – were key to finding a political solution in Syria, but unless they could compromise, it would be “futile” to expect change on the ground.

    Moscow has suggested there are plans to form an international contact group involving all the countries Mr Ban mentioned plus Egypt.

  • May the tide turn in political circles too. Sounds better than last week to me.

3 thoughts on “Super Moon Tide

  1. That all sounds quite fantastic watching the blood moon. Also scenes of the water over the fence at ballards with the high tide.
    Photos great.


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