Earthquake: How much can be borne?

As Pakistan play England at cricket

An earthquake strikes in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Regular readers will know that I support an organization in the KP and FATA provinces of Pakistan. Khwendo Kor  means Sisters’ Home. Their founder and CEO Maryam Bibi is on a visit to UK at this moment. Their Head Office is in Peshawar, where the BBC is showing injured being attended in the hospital. IDPcamp However, much of KK’s work is in remote rural areas. In their 2014 annual report, KK describes how an important focus of the year’s work had had to be humanitarian response to the 800, 000 [ yes – 800,000] Displaced Persons [TDPs] whose homes had been destroyed in a previous earthquake, or who were fleeing disturbance caused by Pakistan’s military action against the  Taliban. Mobile Health Centres have been established at the TDP camps, especially for women and children who cannot easily access basic needs, they have created “Child Friendly Spaces” where education and play can be continued [especially for girls], they have enabled displaced persons to get the national identity cards and thus the government aid to which they are entitled for basic subsistence.

The area, and bordering areas of Afghanistan, have just suffered another earthquake, and winter comes. How much more can these people bear?

I have not yet made contact with the workers whose names I know from emails and newsletters. I think they will be too busy responding to yet another disaster.

Help can be offered through the UK Friends of Khwendo Kor.



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