Where do I call home?

When I left Block Island in October to spend a month in Edinburgh, I had to take all the boxes in off the deck in case there would be a storm [there were a couple]. I thought everything would just die and no matter I would deal with that later, and next year. When I returned on Saturday morning, I had a tomato harvest.


On Saturday I walked with Socha along the trails at Peckham Farm Road.this morning I cycled to Andy’s Way. The island is beautiful and the birds will eat well this winter – other fruit besides tomatoes have flourished.

I also had lunch and talk with Gloria and Harold – have you noticed that the world is sorted? And dinner with the girls after which we went to Ballard’s Dock to catch squid – very successfully – a friend took a bucket full home to turn into calamari.

Now I am through traveling. Meetings tomorrow, a group session on Wednesday, more on Mental Health and Community Conversations at the end of the week. KK editing to finish. Lots to do.

But maybe I am still in transition. I certainly have more than one place I want to be. Where do I call home? Thankfully we have Face-time and Skype and good old Phone. And a computer full of photos for the times when I am not standing on a dark dock watching inky squid. Both Edinburgh and Block island are good places to be out and about.


4 thoughts on “Where do I call home?

  1. Both Edinburgh and Block island are pretty magnificent places to call home !

    Great that things are good now you are in Block island. Tomatoes look amazing.
    Wish I had been at the squid fishing.although I would have missed the big ship that was docked there and that little boy who took everyone’s squids.

    Love to all the crawfords. Also to gloria and rest of your mates.

    I have just been to a yoga class .This is serious!! It was very good tho I did lots of things wrong. But it was good. Mondays at 6.00!

    So keep going there!
    Love Irene

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  2. What a beautiful bowl of tomatoes!!

    How lucky you are – growing your own, catching your own, being with your own………..

    I’m guessing you are spending Christmas on Block Island so I wish you and all your lovely family the best time.

    Enjoy it all.

    Best love,

    Me and PP.


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