Thanksgiving – a bit of history?

It is Thanksgiving and the world seems in pretty awful shape sometimes. I just got more information about why we seem to find it impossible to do better, to live with by the people for the people sort of principles.

This is a 2 hour documentary – mostly a bit of history of how the Federal Reserve Bank was created in USA in 1913. Try it – at least the first part before all the history.

Then about 1 hour 30 minutes in, The Federal Reserve Act creation of the “Fed” that is NOT a government institution.

And at about 1 hour 54 minutes – ways forward to create a monetary system that is back in the control of ‘by the people for the people’.

Try it.

Thanks Bill Still for the time and research this took, and everyone who contributed.

There is a lot more info about new possible – and practical – monetary systems on Positive Money


What do you think?

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