Sanderlings and Spume

Four days ago I posted walking on a warm beach. Today I was blown away. It rained all morning, indoors I hear the wind, stir crazy, or just crazy, I walked down to Ballards beach by the breakwater. I disturbed a flock of sanderlings that I could hardly see for the spray and spume on … More Sanderlings and Spume

Golden morning

Christmas 2015 – opened presents and then went for a walk to Snake Hole beach. Golden girls, gold dog and sun. Just now Callum has put dinner in the oven. They have all gone swimming. On 25th December!

My popularity Prize of the year

I just got a “popular in my network” from twitter that contains items from Jeremy Corbyn (leader of the Labour Party, UK opposition)and David Cameron (UK Prime Minister). @jeremycorbyn says:I listened to the experiences of torture survivors when I visited @FreefromTorture this week  Dave (who recently presided over a decision to bomb some of … More My popularity Prize of the year

Here, it is hard to believe it is December.   There are climate talks in Paris. There are storms and floods in UK, even loss of life as well as livelihood. Other parts of the world … loss of life for other reasons … Today – didn’t even need a coat. It feels like I … More

Are banks able to change?

Quote from a New Economics Foundation article: “Our leaders’ ambitions are still limited to managing the damaging consequences of banks’ current business models, rather than challenging those business models.   There is less interest in developing policies that might nurture new types of bank (suggestion here) , which are genuinely focussed on serving communities and … More Are banks able to change?