Meditations on a rock, or two

This is the rock that started the meditation. On another pebbly beach walk with Finlay, chucking stones in the water for him to wallow and splash, I found this one, and hefted its weight in my hand, explored the patterns. They reminded me of the patterns in the sand, on Crescent beach, from a previous … More Meditations on a rock, or two

Just Thinking

It has been very cold here – wind chill says 18 below, but note that is F not C (about -5 C) because this is good ole USA that still does F ( and feet, inches and pounds weight etc ). The family are on Spring break – why do they call it Spring – … More Just Thinking


SNOWY. No – not the weather – the OWL. And of course today was the day I had rushed out to birdwalk without my phone camera, so this is not the bird I saw. But I did see one YES YES I saw a snowy owl in the third year of trying. He was quite … More Snowy