Winter walking – nearly a walk

Boats cancelled. Lots of wind. Some snow. No school. Stir crazy. Went out.

To the bottom of the hill then back again, wind too strong and cold, even the icicles were growing sideways

Not really a walk, but took the photos both sides of the road and then back up the steps to my door.

There is however a lot of time to think. My various projects have stalled. World problems, economics, emotional education applied to thinking, writing, none of it has been happening. Some of you readers may find that a good thing. Some may be disappointed?

Great post today from speccy about work from Prof James C Coyne. I love the slide “train wreck” of a study. Makes me think about how often “studies” are done from the utterly stupid methodology of think of a theory – then massage what you see to fit it. Same mental perspective as colonizing countries – found another interesting post from Pieter Howes.

There are better methods, truly scientific methods, first OBSERVE, listen, hear, feel, be mindful, and theory finds its rightful place within what you discover. Like Darwin, who, according to his granddaughter Nora Barlow, said that in science:

it is a fatal fault to reason whilst observing, though so necessary beforehand and so useful afterwards (Barlow, 1958, p.159)

Don’t feel so wintry after all. Good people out there, all over this world.



4 thoughts on “Winter walking – nearly a walk

  1. Makes me think about how often “studies” are done from the utterly stupid methodology of think of a theory – then massage what you see to fit it.

    A rather similar error is to see something, think of a theory that might explain it, and then write the thing up as if you had actually had the theory first and made a correct prediction,


    1. Your second error makes me think of the contortions one has to get into in order to get a paper published – in far too many spheres. I am so glad I once did history of science/philosophy of science. I am thinking of Henry writing letters to Faraday pages of .. I saw this… I am utterly bewildered… any ideas mate…(update on words used) He was actually observing radio waves – 1839 ish – 30/40 years before Hertz had enough from Faraday and others in between to name what happened. Even then they were never saying look how clever and scientific I am, they were not pushed into those mistakes of thought.


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