Just Thinking

It has been very cold here – wind chill says 18 below, but note that is F not C (about -5 C) because this is good ole USA that still does F ( and feet, inches and pounds weight etc ).

The family are on Spring break – why do they call it Spring – just because it is February?

So I am at their house with Finlay, and I thought he should have a walk. The run-off into pebbly beach was frozen – should have known it would be – so I stayed on the land side of it. Finlay kept inviting me over, he thinks I’m a wimp.


Now he’s sleeping and I am restless. I have a lot I want to write about. Economics. Inequalities and injustices. Ways people make mistakes in thinking. More important, the ways they become creative, truthful, in touch.

Originally a Royal Institution Lecture

I was so pleased that Michael Faraday was acknowledged in a recent report of the discovery of gravitational waves: The discovery…completes a scientific arc of wonder that began 200 years ago, when the great British scientist Michael Faraday began to puzzle about how action was transmitted across the distance of space.

Faraday knew how to think, after observing, experimenting: emotionally, rationally, modestly.

He even wrote about thought itself.

Maybe I will start tomorrow. I could read a bit more of Faraday’s “Thoughts on Mental Education, 1854”. Now they call it “mindful”.





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