International Women’s Day

It is International Women’s Day.

Celebrate, but know there is a long way to go. [Though some of us have come an incredibly long long way].

Have a look at Khwendo Kor [Sisters Home]. What a lot has been done in sometimes unbelievably difficult circumstances.

This is the cover of an annual report.

Since 1993 this group has worked in North West Pakistan to enable women and girls. Of course they are about more than women and girls, they understand that enabling means offering rights to 100% of humankind, not just 50%.

Their work follows what is called a “Viable Village” approach, adopted in any area where programs will be implemented. Programs are introduced in complementarity with local culture, and ‘viable village’ is characterized by a community where women can own and take a lead in identifying, prioritizing and developing potential partnerships that address their issues and needs on a sustainable basis. This means educating, counselling, and serving, simultaneously at many layers and levels in a community, working on child and adult literacy, health support especially before and after birth, legal and inheritance matters, civil rights such as registration for identity cards, and supporting local business enterprises.

Celebrate on International Womens Day. Congratulate and support those who keep working. If you want to help KK, join or donate to the Friends of Khwendo Kor.



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