Climate Change and Reality

If you know anyone who denies or thinks it is not as bad as people (real scientists) make it sound, introduce them to a film called “Merchants of Doubt”. The b$%&^ds even look as if they enjoy themselves while they talk of how they set about their falsehood peddling. It is an eyeopener, will make anyone question the questioners – or stop giving them air time.

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Hiroshima bombImagine that the much-feared-atomic-bomb World War Three has broken out.  Imagine that bombs like the one that flattened Hiroshima are being exploded at over 4  per  second, constantly, reaching 400 000 per year.  Horrifying? 

What if I tell you that, in effect, it is already happening?


Jessica BrislinAt the recent Annual General Meeting of the Durban and Coast Horticultural Society we were privileged to have Jessica Brislin as speaker, and delivering a PowerPoint presentation, on Climate Reality. She has a BSc Hons cum laude from University of KwaZulu Natal and is the environmental scientist at an urban design studio in Durban. After a string of achievements, in 2014 she was accepted for training at the Climate Reality Project by Al Gore and his team in USA.  This project is to bring home the complete reality of climate change, and at the same time seek mitigation and adaptation solutions.

I would urge…

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2 thoughts on “Climate Change and Reality

  1. I was appalled by their pleasure in their cleverness. As I have also recently been reading a book called “Psychopathic Cultures and Toxic Empires” – a bit journalistic but good anyway – their lack of ethics and disregard for reality fits right in to the definition given. We have to become aware that this toxicity is also present, as well as poisoning the atmosphere etc. we have to stand up against them and their propaganda when it appears. Not always easy! Thank so much for your post. A clear statement of fact that we need.


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