Birdwalk, beauty

A birdwalk to celebrate the 50th year after Elise Lapham began birding and banding on Block Island. [Elise died in 2011, aged 99] My favourite seen today was the house wren, a beauty, perky little brown bird.The wonderful thing about birding and banding, apart from the scientific record obtained, is that you can see them … More Birdwalk, beauty

Abstract Money

The Weekly photo challenge is “abstract”. If you do not think this picture follows the photo-challenge rules – there is another photo at the end of the post. This one is Abstract. Money. Yes it is . There is no such thing as real money. Money is an idea (like law, an agreement of society) … More Abstract Money


  This picture arrived on my phone by the technical magic we have become used to. I see the signature Xin Yi Hua – my grandson Louis’ chinese name, Xin Yi, and Hua means painting or artist. He really is an artist, and I can see him enjoying it, the way he used to enjoy … More Talent

Beach wondering

It’s that time of year – the wind has dropped, the sun is shining, and a low tide means a long walk on Crescent Beach. Every day the beach is different. It depends what wind, what tide last scoured it. One day it will settle, and that will be the summer beach – some years … More Beach wondering


It has been a mild winter. Shouldn’t complain. I keep thinking spring is here and then another storm cancels the boats or freezes a bird walk. But the osprey family are back on the pole behind the power company and just as it seemed we were the only birds (Crazy Coots) out and about last week, we … More Spring

Website History

When I studied History of Science, and I expect this is true for all researchers, one of the joys was the actual documents, papers, books, even some artefacts. Thank you Royal Institution, London for my time there and for how you now put pictures of so much on the screen. I loved the journey to … More Website History