Abstract Money

The Weekly photo challenge is “abstract”. If you do not think this picture follows the photo-challenge rules – there is another photo at the end of the post.

This one is Abstract. Money. Yes it is .


There is no such thing as real money. Money is an idea (like law, an agreement of society) in which we trust, that represents something we value. It may or may not have intrinsic value of its own. [Think cowrie shells, gold, paper, copper, and 97% today is numbers 01010101010101010101 etc in computers – a step along from paper with writing that says “promise to pay”].

The most important thing about abstract money – sounds as if I mean take it out of someone else’s pocket – is that it is chosen. The CHOICE presently made by governments world wide, ideology not thoughtfulness, is indeed taking it out of all our pockets.

Abstract. Take out. Remove. [Words are interesting are they not?]

Economy anywhere is based on

A: the free gift of light from the sun, the energy of the world’s resources, in which we humans are embedded, included.

B: the capacity to use well, wisely, or all the way to destructively, our own human capital, our ability to love and to work, to care or be careless.

C: our collaboration with each other and our world so that each is enabled.

This is productive economy. Based on energy, and how we put it to use.

The current CHOICE of how to use the idea, called money, is via usury. It allows private corporations [banks] to CREATE the money we use for C above to be steadily siphoned off as interest on debt that they hahahhaha freely put us into when they create the money. In our current monetary system, the financial economy is now ideological, the tail wagging the dog, no longer fit for purpose, no longer helping us use our energy and ability wisely. [Do the math, compound interest, growth has to be endless, and everyone is running out of capacity to work even harder and even if you think exploitation is OK we are running out of things/people/places/resources to exploit.]

[The Bank of England was founded in 1694 to act as the Government’s banker and debt-manager, The Federal Reserve Act, USA passed in 1913, The Bank for International Settlements is an international financial institution owned by central banks which “fosters international monetary and financial cooperation and serves as a bank for central banks” founded 1930… carry on looking it all up…lot of US history here]

Campaign for monetary reform. Many do. Many other choices exist and could be implemented. Read: what about this? Watch: you-tube has so many great documentaries, start here or here, and you-tube suggests others.

Enough. Here is another abstract picture.

Just sand on a beach. Here today, gone tomorrow. We may last a little longer. What a wonderful world we live in.





5 thoughts on “Abstract Money

    1. Quite – but is it money that creates the result – or our belief in its power to turn the work we put in into something else? The debt based monetary system puts tremendous blocks and distortions into this circulation process


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