3 inch insects

It is hot here. And humid. I try to go out in the morning and I swim in the afternoon. There are some very very interesting insects – a walk up the mountain and under the trees this morning – the noise is deafening, though the insects can’t be seen. I found a dead one … More 3 inch insects

Life in Guangzhou

咱们 生活 Zanmen shenghuo – our life [I think!] Hard to describe the difference – GZ son and grandsons live in an apartment complex, about 40 tower blocks in the inner ring and an outer ring beyond that stacked up a mountain side on the south east of Guangzhou. Ours is number 11, quite close … More Life in Guangzhou

Landing at Schipol, Amsterdam. Clouds float gracefully An engine hums, popping ears creak, We tilt to blue sky So I am on the move again, having got up early for the first leg of the flights to Guangzhou. I will see China son and grandsons, not seen for a year and a half. An ache … More

Travel Time

Sometimes time passes quickly, and sometimes slowly. Today is a slow day. I am in travel time – from Block Island to Edinburgh. Going in the opposite direct is quick – Edinburgh London Boston then train to RI and taxi or ride to the boat, the last boat to Block Island. Every connection is tight … More Travel Time