Travel Time

Sometimes time passes quickly, and sometimes slowly. Today is a slow day.

I am in travel time – from Block Island to Edinburgh. Going in the opposite direct is quick – Edinburgh London Boston then train to RI and taxi or ride to the boat, the last boat to Block Island. Every connection is tight – but out of my control. If I miss it, or plane or train is late, too bad, spend a night somewhere on the mainland.

But going in this direction … aaaggghhh … none of the connections fit. To be sure of getting to Logan airport in time for the Atlantic flight, I have to take the first boat off the island, and then I get to Boston far too early. Today was raining so hanging about on the Commons or Quincy Market with baggage is not an option.

So now I am on free loganwifi and sorting photos – here are some from a BI spring walk on the first day of May – along Dunn’s Cartway on the West side – the blue line in the horizon in the photos is the mainland seen through the mist.


3 thoughts on “Travel Time

    1. “Instinctive” is the right word – I can hardly call it planning, just wake up a couple of months before and think it is time for the change, book the flights and one morning it is time to go!! Saw Edinburgh son last night – so much better than skype contact.


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