Landing at Schipol, Amsterdam.

Clouds float gracefully
An engine hums, popping ears creak,
We tilt to blue sky

So I am on the move again, having got up early for the first leg of the flights to Guangzhou. I will see China son and grandsons, not seen for a year and a half.

An ache in my heart missing my Edinburgh son, a short/long/flyby week just spent together, see him again in a month, but an ache is an ache and sometimes does not respond to reason. A little bit of anticipation for GZ family emerging, submerging. I seem to have a giggle in a corner for the Block Island family and friends – they can all get on with summer without me!

Know what they will be up to anyway in among all the work work work BI stress its summer and what have the tourists done to our island…

Forgot to say I love the internet and hope everyone agrees keep it open and free and out of the hands of corporations – ‘they’ try to get profit out of everything – but corporations are human-made so we humans can look to our collaborative instincts as well as our competitive ones. Enough of us know and like getting on with each other even when we dont always like each other. We know how to “pay forward”.


What do you think?

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