Life in Guangzhou

咱们 生活 Zanmen shenghuo – our life [I think!]

Hard to describe the difference – GZ son and grandsons live in an apartment complex, about 40 tower blocks in the inner ring and an outer ring beyond that stacked up a mountain side on the south east of Guangzhou. Ours is number 11, quite close to the complex entrance off the main road, and once through the block entry, there is a huge circular garden, pedestrian zone, with walkways and badminton court, playground and swimming pool, and trees and plants everywhere, not to mention people sweeping up the leaves and keeping it all tidy.

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The boys’ school is about ten minutes walk the other side of the 8 lane highway beyond the complex entrance gates. It seems miles away from the [relative] quiet inside the gates. And the inner garden is peaceful, everywhere is green and very warm. But – the swimming pool does not open until 2.30pm. The swimming pool photo is of Donal, the boys and and a friend on Sunday. Today, I will swim soon.




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