3 inch insects

It is hot here. And humid. I try to go out in the morning and I swim in the afternoon.

There are some very very interesting insects – a walk up the mountain and under the trees this morning – the noise is deafening, though the insects can’t be seen. I found a dead one – 3 inches long. Yesterday we found this one, only an inch long, on the cafe tabletop – none of us had seen this colour before. Was he matching the oilcloth?


There are birds, some but not many. The most common is the magpie robin, a little smaller than an american robin, same shape, but coloured like a magpie.

I have also seen several swallows of some kind, and “blackbirds” – bigger than robin, same kind of shape. This morning on the hill I saw a bulbul right beside me on a tree branch – just like the caged one in this you-tube.

Also spend time watching  Louis – latest art work – and Alisdair absorbed in the i-pad.

No need to mention the cockroaches.

But they are here too.


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