I have been reading Wikipedia. Now that is not a failure – that is one of the greatest and most generous open examples of how people can share and collaborate for the good of all. ┬áIn particular, I thought I would see what was said about Jeremy Corbyn, current leader of the UK Labour Party, … More Failure

Just looked on Facebook. So many depressed/livid FB friends. I too wanted REMAIN, we got LEAVE but somehow I feel fine about it. I do have a lot of trust in people generally. One of the things that annoyed me most about the EU referendum campaigns was that both sides were speaking to people’s selfishness. … More

Feels like … 46

The weather app says it is 35, but feels like 46. I have discovered the elderly resident activity. It is sit beside the pond. And watch … not a breath of air … but eventually one sees fish, all sizes, turtles, and patterns in the water. In F, 35 is 95, the 46 feels like … More Feels like … 46