Feels like … 46

The weather app says it is 35, but feels like 46.

I have discovered the elderly resident activity.

It is sit beside the pond.

And watch … not a breath of air … but eventually one sees fish, all sizes, turtles, and patterns in the water.

In F, 35 is 95, the 46 feels like is 115,

I feel more like at least 100, near senility.

Time for a swim. [not in the fish pond!]

I meant to read all sorts of serious stuff when I came here, knew I would have plenty of time, had the kindle loaded up. Maybe tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Feels like … 46

  1. Oh my goodness,

    What a temperature!!

    Anything over 30 and I start to melt, from the head down…………

    Once upon a time, in my early 20’s and before all the misery of ill health started, I was in 45 degrees and came to know, intimately, the words “blinding heat”.

    Truly thought I would be coming home in a box or a body bag.

    Those kinds of heat are only for reptiles.

    We have had glorious weather here, around 22-25 which is plenty hot enough for me!! Parasol permanently over my head, leaving only the lower legs and feet in the heat which is all I can stand.

    Great excuse for doing nothing apart from spending about one hour watering my lovely pots.

    I hope the pleasure of seeing your family outweighs any temporary discomfort from that heat.

    Maybe I’ll see you over here in our very temperate climate soon.

    Best love to you all,

    Angela and Peter Pan.



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