Love and Losing and Missing

The world is full of stuff – good stuff, bad stuff, political stuff etc. I pay attention sometimes. I have interests, activities, even rants and rages.


Regular readers, friends and family know that I have three sons, two of whom live on opposite sides of the world with their families and my grandchildren, the girls in USA, the boys in China. Son 3 keeps me sane. He talks to me.

Wherever I am, I have people I love. And, wherever I am, I have people I miss, quite terribly. Photos don’t bring them near, and I don’t feel like writing much today though I looked up what I did write a few years ago, here, and here.

Tomorrow the plan is leave Guangzhou, do that long flight, this time it is back to Edinburgh. I am writing this blog to see if writing helps  – it is as if I keep switching on and then off. I will be saying goodbye… again…

It does I think, I feel glad … glad enough …to get some smiles and a lot of love before I go.


One thought on “Love and Losing and Missing

  1. Oh Elspeth,

    You write so poignantly about your eternal heartbreak.

    Bare words, straight from your heart and your soul.

    Perhaps the joy of seeing them, briefly enough, never for long enough, is some compensation.

    With love,




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