Just looked on Facebook. So many depressed/livid FB friends. I too wanted REMAIN, we got LEAVE but somehow I feel fine about it. I do have a lot of trust in people generally.

One of the things that annoyed me most about the EU referendum campaigns was that both sides were speaking to people’s selfishness. Of course people are selfish, sometimes, in some circumstances, in some need, but I do believe that most people also have another side and have empathy, compassion, etc.

LEAVE spoke to the tribal selfishness.

REMAIN spoke to the look out for yourself – far too many dire warnings about prices and losses

There is another way to speak – like Jo Cox said of UK and EU – “we have more in common than that which divides us” – we can say it of Leave and Remain – we can live together whatever way the votes went and for whatever reasons people felt they had to make that particular statement.

So now I hope we will somehow move towards recognizing the nonsense of “austerity” and start work towards enabling real needs of those of us all over these islands and beyond where and when we can. That alone has stressed far too many people in various ways.

I am a bit tired of referendum speak. There are other things to be done and lets hear what you think they are – I have my views.





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  1. Hello again !!!

    SO lovely to see you today and thank you for making time to come visit this broken down old broad.

    You and Veronica really cheered me up. I love talking to people who are so much more intelligent than I am.

    Your stories and observations of people, life, other cultures, fascinates me.

    As we were saying today, most of our fellow human beings are kind, decent, well meaning co-existors and although, like you, I would have preferred to remain in the EU, what will happen now will, at the very least, be a new adventure for us all.

    We have to embrace it……………

    I wonder what we’ll do.

    Enjoy the rest of your sojourn here.

    Best love to you all,

    Me and Peter Pan – who couldn’t care less about the EU as long as he gets his Dreamies and MY bed to sleep on.

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